Pacific Tea Company
Pacific Tea Company  is a purveyor of quality full leaf organic tea and unique accessories for the brewing and enjoyment of teas,
herbs, and infusions. We bring you a world of possibilities, all of them healthful and delicious.
Naturaleaves Teas are fine quality loose leaf teas, with or without the
enhancement of fruits and spices. Hand picked in the high mountain
estates of India and China, our teas are shipped to us as quickly as
processing will allow, to assure you of the freshest possible product.
Once you have tasted a cup of real tea, you won't want to go back to the
fannings in tea bags.
Hand picked full leaf teas, brought to you from
around the world. We offer flavored, unflavored,
blended, and plain teas. Each Naturaleaves tin
contains 3 ozs. Of loose leaf tea and a pack of 10
free T-Pouches, with instructions for their use,so
you can brew quality tea without the mess of tea
balls and strainers.
Pacific Tea Company  introduces the T-Pouch tea
filter, the new, easy way to brew better loose leaf..
tea and herbal infusions in any teapot or cup,
without the mess! Brew a single cup, or a pot of up
to seven cups. Works for coffee too!

With the introduction of the T-Pouch, we have
made it "tea bag easy" to brew quality tea, in the
teapot, teacup, or any container of your choice.
Made of chlorine-free, unbleached paper, the
disposable T-Pouch solves the messy problem of
tea balls and strainers.

The T-Pouch is a unique, simple device for
brewing teas, herbs, and other infusions. It
requires no clips, holders, or other devices.
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Welcome to the World of Fine Teas
Try our deluxe t-sac filters
one cup
Four cup
Eight cup
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