Blue Flower Earl Grey --
$5.50/tin $30.00/case(6)
Moroccan Mint --
$5.50/tin $30.00/case(6)
Cinnamon Apple --
$5.50/tin $30.00/case(6)
Mango Passionfruit --
$5.50/tin $30.00/case(6)
Classic Breakfast --
$5.50/tin $30.00/case(6)
Ginger Peach --
$5.50/tin $30.00/case(6)
Our black breakfast blend gets its
hearty flavor from India's Assam
tea,blended with a mellower
Chinese Yunnan, for a brisk
morning cup.
A little ginger and a lot of peach
make this a zesty, fragrant black
tea. Good as a morning wake-up, it
also makes a great iced tea.
Black Nilgiri tea blended with
mango pieces and passion fruit
essence,accented with marigold
petals for a mild, fruity taste of the
Black tea blended with cinnamon
and apples to produce a lively and
festive flavor. Perfect for relaxing
in front of the fireplace, it is also
excellent for mulling wine.
Chinese gunpowder green tea
blended with peppermint leaves.
Good for you body and sou, green
tea contains antioxidants, which
prevent cell damage, and good
karma, which prevents soul
The classic English breakfast tea.
Black tea flavored with the oil of the
citrus bergamot fruit and accented
with bluemallow blossoms,
fragrant,and pretty too.
T-Pouch 30 pack
-- $2.95 each
30 T-Pouches packed in cellophane,
wrapped in card stock, with
instructions for their use printed
on the back.
Variety Pack    $30.00/case(6)
Naturaleaves Variety Pack
Case of six tins, contains one each
of Blue Flower Earl Grey,
Cinnamon Apple,Classic Breakfast,
Ginger Peach, Mango
Passion fruit, and Moroccan Mint.
Pacific Tea Company
$3.95 Box of 100
Special discount
6 boxes for $20
$4.95 Box of 100
Special discount
6 boxes for $25
$5.95 Box of 100
Special discount
6 boxes for $30
$6.95 Box of 100
Special discount
6 boxes for $35
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Four cup
Eight cup
Twelve cup